Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A new day, a new week, a new year ahead

Yesterday was my birthday, a birthday unlike the 32 I have had before. Far away from my motherland India in Dubai this would be one of the most memorable Birthdays of my life. Thanks to all of you guys for makeing it happen. To u to Jannu. I love u so much.

Last evening has been a series of firsts.

Jannu as most of our friends know is not one for surprises and hates giving surprises. For the frist time in the 8 long years (phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that we have been with each other, has jannu given me such a big surprise. Thank you so much now I cant say how u are not romantic at all. HAHAHAHAHAH. Will miss that ( Darn cant hold that against Jannu anymore)

This has been my First Birthday in Dubai.

I got my first Dunhill Key chain. Now I can be a brand slut too. HAHAHAHHAAH.

A designer shoe for the not so fashionable Moi.

A gold fish bowl with Gold fish. I love animals. Yes Gold fish are animal too.

A designer shirt.

Godiva Chocolates.

Most Importantly I value the presence of all my dearest friends who have made me feel at home in Dubai.

At a certain stage in life one feels that one cannot make friends anymore / rather u make ur best friends while in school or college. Yesterday I realised that it is far from true. I have more friends than I ever had in Mumbai and I have made more stronger bonds of friendship in this foreign land. I could not have wished for a better birthday than the one I had yesterday.I wish to celebrate my Birthday with all of u all my life. You guys made me feel special.

This Blog is dedicated to all of u and u to my Jannu( Jannu needs a special mention only because Jannu is special to me)

Another first. I have never written a Blog and this is my first.



At 12:24 AM, Blogger siddharth said...

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At 12:31 AM, Blogger siddharth said...

life is full os surprises!!

Live on!!!

There are many more to come


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