Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Du Bai or Not Du bai

Du bai or Not Du bai is an expression that is constantly in my mind. Dubai is considered as the land of opportunities and man I have seen some people I know become very successful. Hansy as we used to know him in Intelenet is now an RJ on radio. So COOL.

I consulted my friends sister who is a Tarot reader as to whether Dubai is a place for me. The Answer came as a BIG NO. I was coming to Dubai not for a career but to be with the people I love. In terms of that yes Dubai has been great. I have made many friends in Dubai who mean a lot to me . Each and every one of my friends have been very supportive of me. That is one reason that has made my living in Dubai worthwhile.

Career front has been very patchy. I have a job now not to my satisfaction. I am doing things I never wished to do and strangly enough all the job I loved have been either short lived or even after clearing the interview there have been some issues or the other in terms of Visa and what have u. There have been instances where my friends have tried getting me interviews and for some reason those interviews never materialised.

Is this a test of time I dont know as Time is one thing I seems to be loosing out. I am 32 and at a stage when most people my age are half way though their careers and here I am trying to figure out my career in Dubai.

May be Dubai is not meant for me or I am not meant for Dubai. Sometimes I think Du Bai or Not Du bai that thought. How long will I take to come to a decision .


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