Sunday, October 22, 2006

Du Bai or Not Du bai Part 2

Looks like my vengance with this country seems to be growing by the day.

Look around Dubai you will find Indians in every part of this country. The contribution of the Indian community in all levels towards the growth of the Mega city Dubai is unparalled by any of the other Expat coummunities here. Whether in the counstruction of the large than life monstrocities u see all around or in the any of the business sectors. The business turn over in a small area like Bur Dubai will definitly be higher than any of the other so called upper crust localities in Dubai.

But holding an Indian passport is the biggest bane in Dubai. First of all Salaries are low just becuse u have an Indian Passport. In a discussion I was having with a very highly established gentleman over dinner, the reason for this discripency was given as the exchange rate being higher in European countries and to get the non Indian expats to work in Dubai would mean giving them a proportionatly higher salary. I feel in one way that gentleman is right but do u get special discount in any of the basic ammenities just becuae u are an Indian or rather Asian passport holder.

There have been instances in a spiffy resturants where they look at u as if u cannot afford to pay for ur meal. If I go to a resturants dont u think I would know how affordable or not a resturant would be prior to even entering there. Moreover it amazes me how just because one is white skinned the Phillipina waitress gives u so much more attention. When we guys go out I bet we leave a much higher tip than any of the other expats considering the amount they get paid as compared to us.

We are wanted by the country for the menial jobs that they want to get done. No one seems to stop and think what would be the state of Dubai without the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Srilankans and yes the Phillipinos too.

What are we doing in a country where one cannot raise their hands on a local to stop him when he trying to molest ones sister. Do we all really deserve this?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Du Bai or Not Du bai

Du bai or Not Du bai is an expression that is constantly in my mind. Dubai is considered as the land of opportunities and man I have seen some people I know become very successful. Hansy as we used to know him in Intelenet is now an RJ on radio. So COOL.

I consulted my friends sister who is a Tarot reader as to whether Dubai is a place for me. The Answer came as a BIG NO. I was coming to Dubai not for a career but to be with the people I love. In terms of that yes Dubai has been great. I have made many friends in Dubai who mean a lot to me . Each and every one of my friends have been very supportive of me. That is one reason that has made my living in Dubai worthwhile.

Career front has been very patchy. I have a job now not to my satisfaction. I am doing things I never wished to do and strangly enough all the job I loved have been either short lived or even after clearing the interview there have been some issues or the other in terms of Visa and what have u. There have been instances where my friends have tried getting me interviews and for some reason those interviews never materialised.

Is this a test of time I dont know as Time is one thing I seems to be loosing out. I am 32 and at a stage when most people my age are half way though their careers and here I am trying to figure out my career in Dubai.

May be Dubai is not meant for me or I am not meant for Dubai. Sometimes I think Du Bai or Not Du bai that thought. How long will I take to come to a decision .

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A new day, a new week, a new year ahead

Yesterday was my birthday, a birthday unlike the 32 I have had before. Far away from my motherland India in Dubai this would be one of the most memorable Birthdays of my life. Thanks to all of you guys for makeing it happen. To u to Jannu. I love u so much.

Last evening has been a series of firsts.

Jannu as most of our friends know is not one for surprises and hates giving surprises. For the frist time in the 8 long years (phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that we have been with each other, has jannu given me such a big surprise. Thank you so much now I cant say how u are not romantic at all. HAHAHAHAHAH. Will miss that ( Darn cant hold that against Jannu anymore)

This has been my First Birthday in Dubai.

I got my first Dunhill Key chain. Now I can be a brand slut too. HAHAHAHHAAH.

A designer shoe for the not so fashionable Moi.

A gold fish bowl with Gold fish. I love animals. Yes Gold fish are animal too.

A designer shirt.

Godiva Chocolates.

Most Importantly I value the presence of all my dearest friends who have made me feel at home in Dubai.

At a certain stage in life one feels that one cannot make friends anymore / rather u make ur best friends while in school or college. Yesterday I realised that it is far from true. I have more friends than I ever had in Mumbai and I have made more stronger bonds of friendship in this foreign land. I could not have wished for a better birthday than the one I had yesterday.I wish to celebrate my Birthday with all of u all my life. You guys made me feel special.

This Blog is dedicated to all of u and u to my Jannu( Jannu needs a special mention only because Jannu is special to me)

Another first. I have never written a Blog and this is my first.