Sunday, October 22, 2006

Du Bai or Not Du bai Part 2

Looks like my vengance with this country seems to be growing by the day.

Look around Dubai you will find Indians in every part of this country. The contribution of the Indian community in all levels towards the growth of the Mega city Dubai is unparalled by any of the other Expat coummunities here. Whether in the counstruction of the large than life monstrocities u see all around or in the any of the business sectors. The business turn over in a small area like Bur Dubai will definitly be higher than any of the other so called upper crust localities in Dubai.

But holding an Indian passport is the biggest bane in Dubai. First of all Salaries are low just becuse u have an Indian Passport. In a discussion I was having with a very highly established gentleman over dinner, the reason for this discripency was given as the exchange rate being higher in European countries and to get the non Indian expats to work in Dubai would mean giving them a proportionatly higher salary. I feel in one way that gentleman is right but do u get special discount in any of the basic ammenities just becuae u are an Indian or rather Asian passport holder.

There have been instances in a spiffy resturants where they look at u as if u cannot afford to pay for ur meal. If I go to a resturants dont u think I would know how affordable or not a resturant would be prior to even entering there. Moreover it amazes me how just because one is white skinned the Phillipina waitress gives u so much more attention. When we guys go out I bet we leave a much higher tip than any of the other expats considering the amount they get paid as compared to us.

We are wanted by the country for the menial jobs that they want to get done. No one seems to stop and think what would be the state of Dubai without the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Srilankans and yes the Phillipinos too.

What are we doing in a country where one cannot raise their hands on a local to stop him when he trying to molest ones sister. Do we all really deserve this?